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Hatch Red & Green Cheelectables

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About Chee - Lec - Tables

Hello, I'm Michael Rey - Country Songwriter. I am the creator of the CHEE - LEC - TALBLES Cheelector's Series. Inspired by Hatch, New Mexico Green Chile. 

Many of you have heard of me and have either listened to, or purchased my songs, or both. If not, all of my life I've worked to support my Country Music songwriting addiction. I've never been one to ask for a handout or accept any kind of charity to support my passion. What I am known for, is giving my and expecting nothing in return. What I have started here is very simple. I am introducing you to my Cheelectables. I am making them available to you the public, It's a way for me to share something near and dear to me.  You can help me support my passion of songwriting by obtaining my creations through your contribution. I have also decided to give away a "Free" Cheelectable" every month.

Starting September 18, 2016. So look for the "Register to Win a Free Cheelectable" box. My love for Songwriting will live as long as I will. Thank you for allowing me to share these Cheelectable Cheelector's Series with you. Thank you in advance for all of your generous contributions. Please share our "CHEE-LEC-TABLES" with your family and friends. God bless.


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