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Hatch Red & Green Cheelectables

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Cheelectables Series - When you're hot, cool off

Here in New Mexico, it has long been a treat for the Firemen to turn on the fire hydrant so the kids can cool off.

Cheelectable Series - "Krazy Keys"


Cheelectable Series - "Hot Top 40 Hot Singer"


Let's Celebrate in Hatch, New Mexico. Here we have a singing Chile. Really?

CheeLectable Series - Sad Sack

Around August - October in New Mexico its harvest time in Hatch. Green Chile time. This guy looks skeptical. 

CheeLectable Series - "Roasty & Toasty"

New Mexico has a tradition of Roasting Hatch, Green Chile. This guy's ready and willing.

Cheelectable - Smoking hot "Stand up Bass player"

Cheelectable Series - Smok'n hot "Stand up Bass player"

Cheelectable Series - "Intricate Violinist

Allow him to stroke the violin on his off time. 

Cheelectable Series - "Hot Seat"

Cheelectables - Talking about sitting on the "Hot Seat"

Chee - lec - table of the month - "Crazy Conga's"

AVAILABLE NOW!!  No two are ever alike.

(photo taken before high luster gloss is applied)