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Hatch Red & Green Cheelectables

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Hatch, New Mexico inspired Green & Red Chile Pepper Jammers

CHEE - LEC - TABLE  *November

Welcome to CHEE - LEC- 

We are confident you will love these Cheelectable figurines. Each one is hand crafted by Michael Rey personally. No carving or sculpting involved. Just stretching, twisting and bending, pulling and hand painting every piece. This is your chance to own one of these absolutely (no two are ever alike) unique Cheelector's items. We will showcase one Cheelectable every month. Pictured below, is our first piece.  Collect them all until you own the entire collection of these adorable little Hatchm New Mexico inspired green & re Chile Cheelectables. The "Cheelector's Series". 

(*Dimensions): 6 - 8 inches in height. 3 -4 inches in width.  Weight: 1 - 2/12 lbs) Constructed of a polymer and glazed with a hard high gloss finish) 


Chee - lec - table of the month - "Crazy Conga's"

AVAILABLE NOW!!  No two are ever alike.

(photo taken before high luster gloss is applied)